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About Us

Christ as of old Ministry of all Nations (CASOM) also know as God of Now Now, serves as a global network of believers around the world that believes in the ability of God to answer them NOW through FAITH.

The Ministry has been able to touch lives Spiritually, Morally, Financially and educate people in the ways of God. The secret of NOW! NOW! is righteousness.
In the spiritual realm, righteousness is the foundation of life which guarantees ....

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Testimonies of Joy

There are series of uncountable Testimonies everyday by people who have come in contact with our Prayers, Teachings, Prophecies and Deliverances. God gave the Son of the Prophet a mandate from the scripture (Matthew 6:33) which he held unto this day.....Read More

A Home of Solution

Many have been trying to know, why many others have been confused and many are yet to understand the meaning of ‘NOW! NOW! NOW!’. Worry less, come to CASOM... Read more


At Christ As Of Old Ministry Of All Nation, you hear prophecies directly from an Oracle of God.
He speaks not only the deep things of God to men but also speaks directly to men what God is saying about them... Read more

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CASOM - Arena of Solutions 

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You can also read Sunday's sermon and continue building your faith.

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Our Ministry is a young one, inspired and started spreading in 2012 and so far, has already affected and manifested in the lives of so many..

The God's work is spreading so fast that we are needing to mount mighty more structures to accomodate God's people and foster the words of God without restrictions.

We invite you to be part of us and render any support towards the mission and be aboundantly blessed..

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